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The Beau Institute’s expert instructors will support you during this training
Customized 1-2 Day Refresher Classes
Customized 1-2 Day Advanced Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Hair Simulation (Hair Strokes) for Brows with Nouveau Contour
Slope and Nano Needles
Color Theory & Color Correction 1-2 Day Class
Choose Class Size: Private, Semi-Private or Group Class
Dates and times are scheduled upon request and instructor availability
Private course is $3500.00, Semi-Private Course is $2500.00
This is the class you have been waiting for!!

Customized 1-2 Day Refresher Classes
This hands on training is customized to meet your needs!
Are you struggling with 1 or more procedures?
Are you interested in finding short-cuts, tips and tricks for all of your procedures, including consultation, aftercare and best use of topicals?
Do you want to set your work apart from the competition?

This is the class for you!

Customized 1-2 Day Advanced Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Lean how to create fast and easy hair strokes for eyebrows, eyeliner that stays put and as wide as your client wants, and lips with beautiful, rich color.
This class is perfect if you want to learn how to work faster and smarter, making sure your work stands out from the competition.
Hair Strokes for Brows with Slope and Nano Needles
You will learn how to create beautiful and natural-looking brows with both ends of the  Nouveau Contour Slope Needle as well as a Single Nano Needle.

Color Theory & Color Correction 1-2 Day Class
How many times have you seen ashy gray, orange, or bluish green eyebrows?
How about purple lips or old black eyeliner that turned blue?
Take the guesswork out of color selection and color correction as Rose Marie Beauchemin Verzella teaches simple solutions for rectifications.

In this class:
You’ll learn how to select the best corrective colors for each of these corrections, and how to determine the base of your pigments and your client’s undertones.
You’ll leave with valuable tips and tricks that will help you save time, reduce touch-ups, create smudgy eyeliner and, of course, design natural eyebrows with hair stroke simulation.

The Beau Institute offers advanced training, available in 1 – 3 day programs, each customized to your specific needs.

To ensure that you get the most out of our curriculum, we limit our programs to just three students per instructor.

Advanced Eyebrow Techniques
Set your work apart by utilizing advanced hair simulation techniques such as hair stroke, shading with specific needle configurations, and color mixing.
During training, students will be provided with supplies as well as the opportunity to work with Nouveau Contour machines and needles.

Advanced Lip Techniques
Make sure your work stands out with advanced techniques to create natural, fuller and more beautiful lips with long-lasting color.
Learn specific methods on how to line, shade, and blend to create the perfect lip for your client.
Selecting the best needle configurations is a must in order to create the most desired effects.
Color selection and color mixing will be made simple, ensuring you have selected the most flattering lip shade.

This class covers pigment selection, re-shaping and innovative tools that can transform your anxiety into exhilaration. You will experience three hands-on procedures with specific needle groups and color formulas, designed to increase color holding and minimize touch-ups.

Make lips fun and easy with this fabulous class!

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