Apprenticeship Program

Once you have completed your 6 day primary training program, we strongly recommend you continue your training with the apprenticeship program. This program gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and gain confidence as well as continue your education. The Apprenticeship Program is a requirement for NJ practitioners.

Procedures will be one-on-one with a Board Certified AAM Instructor who will guide you through your procedures.

NJ requires a supervised completion of 15 procedures before you are eligible for your American Academy Micropigmentation certification test. These procedures consist of: 5 eyebrows, 5 eyeliner, and 5 lip liner.
Procedures completed during primary training count towards your requirements.

The fee per supervised procedures is $400.00 each.

We strongly suggest you find your own models for your apprenticeship. The benefits are as follows:

These models will become your clients. You will see these procedures healed and follow-up with touchups. This is an important part of the learning process and will help you to evaluate your skill level and determine what you may need to improve upon and focus on.

You may charge your own model whatever you like. This will offset the fee to Beau Institute.

If you are unable to find your own models, one will be supplied for you.

***Scheduling Apprenticeship appointments:

Provide a copy of liability insurance with policy numberPlace a $100.00 deposit.
Balance of $300.00 due on the day of procedure.
Relay whether you or Beau Institute will supply model
Indicate whether you will bring ALL supplies, including machine, for procedure or renting from Beau Institute ($50.00 fee plus needles per procedure)
If supplying model, provide your own client folder and formsArrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled procedure to set up table and room.

Call today to schedule your apprenticeship appointment. 856-727-1411

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Once your apprenticed procedures are completed, you will receive a letter from the observing instructor that your supervised procedure requirements have been met. You will submit this letter directly to the AAM along with:

A copy of your driver’s license
A copy of your malpractice liability insurance
A copy of your Beau Institute Primary Training Certificate
AAM Exam fee. (The AAM study guide is available for purchase.)

State Regulations

State regulations for permanent makeup vary significantly from state and often from county to county. We strongly recommend that you contact your local board of health to find out the regulations & requirements for your county.
For additional resources and information on state regulations you can visit the following permanent makeup organizations: American Academy of Micropigmentation
The Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

NJ Department of Health Microblading/Permanent Cosmetic Guidance Document