Beau Inks.

Take the guesswork out of color selection with our custom collection of streamlined pigments and our easy-to-use, detailed Beau Inks Color Chart!

The Beau Inks pigment collection has been developed by one of the industry’s leading experts on color theory and has been a top pigment line for the past 15 years. This pigment line has been designed for ease in color selection.

Beau Inks pigments use the highest quality colorants available, ensuring excellent color retention and optimal results. They are gamma-sterilized, safe to use, and manufactured entirely in the United States. In addition, they come with a highly detailed, easy-to-follow color chart that takes both undertones and the Fitzpatrick scale into consideration.

Beau Inks has a unique philosophy and that is to simplify your color collection with precise colors that will allow you to make color selection easier than ever.