Sunday, June 12, 2022

Home Remedies to keep your Skin Glowing

Is your face suffering winter dullness and in desperate need of an exfoliation, a glow and brightening? Here are some ideas as we adhere to social distancing.

Got Sugar?

Place a few teaspoons of sugar in a small bowl and add some Olive Oil and stir with your fingers! Now, apply the mixture to your face, using your fingers, and with fingertips move in a circular motion. Don’t rub too long or too hard in one spot so you don’t become irritated.

Allow it to sit for 30-minutes, once you have moved across your entire face and neck. Don’t forget your forehead and yes, even your lips.

If you are on Keto, don’t lick your lips! Now, remove with a soft washcloth or facial wipes.

Your skin will be exfoliated, and this will produce the glow that was waiting to be unearthed.

Can you pass the Salt?

Salt, both ground and rock salt can be substituted for sugar. Salt can a bit more abrasive, so, again, don’t rub hard in one spot.

After World War II, when soldiers came home with “Mary Forever” tattooed on their arms, and wanted to marry, “Betty” the only removal used was salabrasion. Ouch! Rock salt or table salt was rubbed aggressively in order to remove, Mary Forever! The pain had to be unbearable and the scarring was dreadful and appeared as though this guy suffered a terrible burn. Boy, he really had to love, Betty.

My point is, salt can be abrasive if overworked. Don’t get crazy like we do when we are bored and think in our usual, More Is Better, mindset.

Have glowing fun and please no nasty-grams that you overdid it!

Home Remedies to keep your Skin Glowing
June 12, 2022