Sunday, June 12, 2022

Is RED in your makeup bag

As we clean our closets and change them over to our wools and cold weather gear, have you recently dumped your makeup bag to clean and change your makeup? The Winter colors tend to be vibrant but deeper in tone and you couldn’t possibly miss how huge Red is, this year. Even Taylor Swift named her recent album, Red!

Where do you begin cleaning up your makeup? I suggest a case for your Summer makeup that gets put away, much like our clothes do. Bring out and bring on the deeper more robust tones of your colors, such as:

Mossy Greens for the crease of your eyes with a light pearly green or a pearly beige for your lids.

Add to this an earthy brick or deep apricot for your lips to bring balance to this gorgeous selection.

Aren’t sure if you can wear Red or which Red you should be wearing? Ask yourself the following questions to help you make the perfect decision. But, let me first mention that we all have a Red that is OUR Red! Now, lets go.

Where does your SKIN appear creamier in the following colors? Don’t match your hair or your eyes, and don’t think about which colors you already own or prefer. Just take notice to your SKIN.

Is it:

black vs brown

white vs ivory

hot pink vs orange

light pink vs peach

mauve vs granny apple green

burgundy vs rust

Camel color Beige vs charcoal gray?

If your SKIN appears creamier and you know you look well and get compliments in the colors in the column on the left, you will most likely wear a cool, pink Red or even a burgundy Red. Avoid orangey or tomato reds to look your best. A Red that is too warm on you can appear garish and the cool Red will appear elegant.

If your SKIN appears creamier in the colors on the right, you will want to wear a tomato, Mandarin or a brick Red. Avoid the pink Reds and blue Reds and stay to the warmer spectrum. These will light you up and make you glow!

This rule will also apply when you are selecting a blush shade. Knowing if you should be in the warm or cool spectrum makes selection easy and fun and you won’t accumulate the One-Hit-Wonders that you pick up after a week and ask yourself, what was I thinking? You will find you have direction and will wear what you purchase.

Now you have the tools you need to make your selection – go red!!

Is RED in your makeup bag
June 12, 2022