Sunday, June 12, 2022

It’s All About You & Your BEAUty, Inside & Out. Commit Today to Filling Your Bucket

It’s that time of year again – to show off your skin (whether you want to or not).

Take the time to evaluate your skin to put your best face forward.

Start this summer with a clean, fresh face and a commitment to a daily sunscreen.  We are excited to introduce a new light weight foundation with at SP15 that is perfect for summer and all year long.

Does your face have residual damage from last summer’s sun exposure? This is the perfect time to schedule your skin care treatments, whether it is: IPL Treatments (Intense Pulse Light), Microdermabrasion or a more serious peel to remove any telltale sun spots or hyper-pigmentation.

Photo-damage is accumulative, so don’t allow discolorations to build up or darken before seeing your aesthetician or doctor for removal.

Don’t forget about your legs. Many of us suffer from unsightly leg veins. Don’t let it keep you from wearing, shorts, skirts and capris this summer. Consider Sclerotherapy for leg veins. Please consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor today. There may be some residual bruising or multiple sessions, so don’t wait.

My commitment to writing this blog to remind you, each and every one of you how important you are and share my personal favorite lessons learned.

Feel free to share how you are going to fill your cup with your beauty plans, this month, on our FaceBook page.( We will look forward to hearing from you. Remember, we love video and pictures too!

If we do not take care of ourselves, our cups feel empty. No one, not even our loving significant others or our children will come to us and say “you look a bit tired, you seem to do everything for everyone so I made you an appointment for your eyebrows to be touched up”. Its not happening! You will be considered fortunate if your significant other scheduled you a manicure. We must go off and fill our own cups and ultimately, I always find I have more to give when I have taken care of myself.


It’s All About You & Your BEAUty, Inside & Out. Commit Today to Filling Your Bucket
June 12, 2022