Sunday, June 12, 2022

Micropigmentation & Permanent Makeup What You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Micropigmentation, also referred to as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, is more popular today, than ever. Interestingly, the term, Micropigmentation was commonly used in the medical community and this very formal term avoided the “T” word, (Tattoo). When permanent makeup came into the general population, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, women were alarmed, frightened or offended by the word, tattoo. Yes, tattooing carried a stigma in those early years and women were actually offended by the word. Referring to permanent makeup with the term Micropigmentation, made it sound somewhat medical. When I began my practice in early 1990, women would ask if their permanent makeup was going to be a tattoo. Of course, I had to explain that all color placed under the skin is considered a tattoo, regardless of how it got there.

Also, Micropigmentation lent a great visual to permanent makeup procedures. It implied a conservative approach to selecting permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color. The mere term sounded safer and more tolerable. At that time, the application was inserting pigment in small amounts or micro amounts, in a soft, pointillistic method. It didn’t sound frightening like body art, where larger images were drawn and tattooed. So, initially, the term, Micropigmentation was used to distinguish permanent makeup from tattooing.

Today, Micropigmentation has taken on a new reference and that is for scalp tattooing. Micro-insertions of pigment or ink are placed into the scalp and appear like a hair-stubble, as though a man had shaved his head and now has just a day or two of growth. Although, more popular in men, it is performed on women, as well, to shade in thinning areas of their scalps. This procedure is growing, rapidly in every community.

These Micro-insertions are applied to create a new hairline or fill in areas that are lacking hair. When done, correctly, it is magnificent and requires a highly specialized training course! Micropigmentation is convincing and incredibly realistic. One example of this application is on African-American men and women that have worn heavy dreads or extensions and lose their hair in spots or around their hairline from the sheer weight of them. Micropigmentation can be skillfully applied to fill in these areas. Balding men can have a new hairline tattooed, making them appear younger. Women suffering from female pattern baldness can have their scalps tattooed to make their remaining hair appear fuller.  

The training is quite different from permanent makeup to what is now referred to as Micropigmentation. Each are very specific training courses. We recommend a Primary Training Course as a pre-requisite. Cross contamination, color theory, needle selection and basically tattooing into various types of skin on the face and on individuals is something you learn in a Primary Training Course. Researching these training courses and asking for referrals is critical! Be sure to do your homework. We receive calls, every day, regarding training courses that did not deliver, where the trainer disappears following a training and left their graduates uniformed and basically armed and dangerous. Be sure your selection for training offers unlimited support. Beau Institute prides themselves with exactly this and has built our reputation on these principals.

Join us in launching this exciting and most rewarding career. We are here for you!!!!

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– Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella, CMI, CPCP

Micropigmentation & Permanent Makeup What You’ve Always Wanted to Know
June 12, 2022