Sunday, June 12, 2022

Peering Into our Creative Selves

I believe the minute we stop complaining about what people feel is an entrapment, we can peer into our creative selves. What have you wished you had a little more time to do? Follow an inspiring and interesting person on Instagram? Order some audio books from Amazon, you can listen to while cleaning out a drawer or closet. I love, Author, Pam Jenoff. She is actually local (Cherry Hill) and several of her books make the NY Times Best Seller list. Recently, she has sold the movie rights to one of her books. I believe she is labeled as a historian and writes with incredible accuracy and research, spinning fictional characters and story lines, into these gripping facts. Enter her addictive writings and you won’t run out of things to read for some time!

It is a great time to purge. Our kids don’t seem to want our STUFF, so why not create a pile of give-aways or Facebook Neighborhood sale items. If you think your kids would want some STUFF, make a list and email it to them to be sure. Enjoy seeing their faces now by giving them something they have admired. You will never miss it!

If you can’t move things, make your list of all the STUFF or CLUTTER you wish to rid yourself of, once this critical time has passed. Tell yourself, one of everything. We don’t need 3 of the same size saucepans, 4 spatulas, silver serving pieces we have to polish, 6 vases! Yikes. Too much STUFF. It’s almost religious when you purge your home of your excess! It is actually fun when you get started!

Email letters or send cards to friends you haven’t seen. If you wish to learn something new or better, YOUTUBE will show you how! Learn a card-game, Mahjongg, how to knit, crochet, learn sign-language, etc. Make it fun and don’t forget to say, thank you, that you don’t have this ominous virus. God Bless and stay well!

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Peering Into our Creative Selves
June 12, 2022