Sunday, June 12, 2022

Pigment of the Month February 2022 Soft Ash

Soft Ash is one of Beau Inks’ BEST SELLERS!

Because it heals into a beautiful, mid-range taupe shade, without any red tones.

Soft Ash is great for neutralizing red or orange eyebrows. If you are using Microblades, Nano Blading

Slope® Needles, 3-Micro Needles or Single Needles, they will tend to cool this color, since they travel

deeper into the skin.

Always place Soft Ash directly onto your client’s forehead and allow it to dry. If it appears too cool,

add a drop or 2 of a Neutralizer, like Beau Inks Butternut or Butterscotch. This formulation can actually

be considered neutral. I use this combination on blondes and light brunettes with both warm and cool

undertones, especially those who tend to hold onto the warmth in the color. It is perfect in every case.

I have always liked Soft Ash for my Asian clients. I never use black and never use gray on my Asian

clients, regardless of their hair color. I have always approached them as dark blondes, or a medium ash

brown. The dark blonde formula is always Soft Ash and a very small drop of Butterscotch. Silver haired

women are often found to be a challenge. Soft Ash is the perfect solution for silver or gray-haired women.

Again, place the color on your client’s forehead, and allow it to dry, just to be sure it doesn’t dry too

cool on your client. If so, add just 1 drop of Butternut or Butterscotch. My rule of thumb has always been…

Lighter, Warmer and Less. When I work in this manner, I find I never paint myself into a corner. I always

have options. So, in short, one of my favorite brow shades is Soft Ash! It works beautifully on so many


Pigment of the Month February 2022 Soft Ash
June 12, 2022