Sunday, June 12, 2022

Please Slow Down...

My experience in teaching all these years is as follows and I still find it sad. Graduates will leave us as well as other primary classes and begin to work and instead of calling their trainers (like us) right away to report a retention problem that we can walk them though easily, they invest in another pigment line or another machine, a whole new line of topical anesthetics, several classes looking for answers, then more pigments and it goes on and on. They finally come full circle, an expensive circle, and end up calling or returning to visit and watch a procedure or class and find they had it all right from the beginning and all they had to do was SLOW DOWN!!!!  

I have so many practitioners that can avow to this discouraging cycle and I always feel so badly they suffered through this. We know how well Face Inks works since we all use it and we are the fastest growing company in the country.

Ten minute eyeliner, 20 minute brows, 8 minute lips are all nonsense if you are an artist. They believe these myths and question everything they learned and purchased. All they had to do was come and visit or at least call.

When our graduates return and see how simple it was and there is no panacea with a pigment or a machine. It lies all in our hands!!!

If you are a Beau Institute graduate and you are struggling, please call us or please come visit. You can assist us while we are working and mix our colors and we will explain every step of what we are doing. Our clients never mind. They know we are a teaching institute. Sometimes, if I don’t have an apprentice, they will say; no one is here today They enjoy your company!

It could be one procedure that you find intimidating or not retaining as well as you would like. Whatever it is please come back.

If you have been away from the profession for some time, then schedule a day or two of hands-on procedures rather than go out and keep buying that elusive and non-existent solution.

We tell our trainees on the first day that we don’t go away and those that have called on us know that is exactly how we built our reputation. No one should ever be uncomfortable or embarrassed to come back and say they need help.

My passion and all of our trainers feel the same way and that is our success is YOUR success. Our passion is to raise the barre so we all do beautiful work and fall in love with performing permanent makeup.

I want to be clear that we encourage you to take many, many courses and attend many conferences over the years but you must get your basics down first. Additional classes and conferences will make so much more sense and you will leave them with so much more.

Please Slow Down...
June 12, 2022