Sunday, June 12, 2022

Preparing Your Client for Post-Procedure Expectations

Uh Oh…Not the Brows She Expected

Your client calls you the day following her eyebrow procedure to tell you she is grossly disappointed.

Let’s face it, no one likes getting these calls but before you respond to the complaint, let’s look at how to prevent these phone calls.

I will assume you have drawn your client’s brows on and asked his or her approval. However, it is difficult for some client to see through brow mapping, if the lines, remain. Once you are satisfied with the drawing inside the mapping, consider removing as many of the mapping lines as possible. This will allow your client a better visual of the brow design.

Preparing Your Client for Post-Procedure Expectations!

When clients would ask me if their brow procedure would be permanent, meaning, forever, I would tell them, without hesitation, I considered it perfectly permanent. The color they were requesting today, will surely fade, given the fact the face is completely exposed but in a perfect way.  I explained that they would not want the same intensity of color as they matured, as they did at this moment. My clients understood this explanation. I further explained that as we mature, their skin would lighten, and they may wish to lighten their hair. This would require a lighter, softer color in their brows. Again, they nodded in agreement.

I still feel exactly the same as I did when I began this career.

This Is Permanent Isn’t it?  “I Never Have to Get this Done Again, Right?” I am sure you have been asked this question over and again, especially since so many of our clients now have tattoos. They tend to assume their brows, eyeliner and lip procedures will have the same longevity as their body art. Now, begins the necessary explanation as to why the answer is a firm, NO! It won’t last like your tattoos.

Add to that the assumption they won’t have to or ever want to add Over-The-Counter (OTC) makeup to enhance or intensify their permanent makeup (PMU). They WILL! But they have the design they need, so adding some pencil or brow powder if necessary is normal.

Preparing Your Client for Post-Procedure Expectations
June 12, 2022