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What is Brow Microshading

What Is Brow Microshading?

Meet microblading’s softer, gentler sister.

BY LINDY SEGAL, published April 21, 2021 for Harper’s Bazaar(


Unlike microblading, microshading does not tattoo full strokes along the browline, but rather small points to “shade” in sparse areas. “Instead of creating the illusion of individual hairs, microshading fills in the entire brow with light pigmentation through the use of a fine tipped needle,” explains Akram.

The two techniques can also be combined to get the best of both worlds. “This method be combined with microblading for a bespoke look,” says Garel-Portes.


“The results will not appear to be individual eyebrow hairs, but rather a shading that more closely resembles penciling or powdering your brows with makeup,” explains Akram, who adds that microshading “provides for a more airbrushed and powdered brow look.”

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What is Brow Microshading
June 12, 2022