Sunday, June 12, 2022

When and Where I Use Carbon for Eyeliner

How to Achieve the Safest Blackest Black Eyeliner with Face Inks Black Noir and Onyx Carbon

Keeping black eyeliner, black, has been the quest of permanent makeup artists for years.

Various skin tones and undertones play a huge part in how black the eyeliner will heal or how quickly it will turn that familiar bluish color. If you are attempting consistency, you are probably finding it just isn’t there.

Many practitioners experiment with carbons and other inks on the eyelids. This historically has produced and continues to produce a great number of migrations, since inks lack a particle size and river easily through the skin.

The inner and outer canthus (corners of the eye) are especially vulnerable to migration and increases when the top and bottom eyeliner are met at these corners. However, many migrations are seen across the entire top and bottom eyelids. If you are gambling by using inks on the eyelids and not seeing migration as of yet, it won’t be long before you do.

Fair blondes and natural redheads will tend to migrate even sooner than olive complexions. These fairer skin tones also tend to turn the black to blue, much quicker, sometimes in just weeks.

So, how do I achieve the safest and blackest black eyeliner? I use Face Inks Black Noir, for the eyelids and then use a carbon ink, called Onyx Carbon, (completely different from our regular Onyx) BETWEEN THE TOP LASHES ONLY!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!


Face Inks Black Noir, when smeared out will show a warm base and I have found this formula to remain blackest. It has a thinner consistency, and slips right into the skin. But, I NEVER GUARANTEE that one’s eyeliner will heal or remain as black as an over-the-counter black liquid eyeliner. Some will and some won’t!

I explain this to my clients by asking them to picture a professional basketball court. Every complexion is represented there and most are tattooed. On those that have a lot of black in their tattoos, what color do you see that is dominant? They are all bluish but in different degrees. Very few are jet black. That is the story of eyeliner, as well.

However, using the Onyx Carbon between the top eyelashes, frames the eyes with the deepest black, possible. I find it also helps to make the Black Noir appear blacker. Over the years, I have seen my clients with various skin tones return and it remains black and beautiful.

Do not be tempted to bring the Onyx Carbon up on the eyelid! Keep it between the top lashes and don’t go too far toward the inner canthus. Keep in mind, it has no particle size. It is ink!!! When used properly, it’s a gorgeous effect.

When and Where I Use Carbon for Eyeliner
June 12, 2022