Sunday, June 12, 2022

3-D Areola Tattooing…Re-acquainting Femininity with Art

Too often my clients say, as they opened their examining gowns to show me their reconstructed breasts, that they are not thrilled and even unhappy with their results. However, when they unfold their gowns they reveal magnificent breasts that they simply cannot see. Without the nipple areola complex, it is difficult for them to see the forest through the trees. It always saddens me to hear this.  Without the areola/nipple complex, many women have difficulty appreciating the brilliant surgical and artistic skills that were perfectly executed by their surgeons.

Once the 3-D tattoo is done, their breasts take on a new life that brings with it, familiarity, femininity, confidence and a new appreciation for their reconstructive surgery.

Opting for the Art of 3-D Areola Tattooing Instead of a Nipple Graf

Women talk! We are excellent at reaching out to other women that have the same or similar issues. It could be anything from a housekeeping issue, child rearing questions that they want answers to and most certainly health issues. We see the countless support groups that have been formed by women dealing with cancer and facing the loss of their breasts. These women may be presented with several options for reconstruction and will seek out other women who have had these various surgeries for their input. This helps her make an informed decision. Blessed with the technology of today, these groups have been placed within arm’s reach and distance is no longer an issue.

I have found that many women that have the choice of a nipple graft or the 3-D areola tattoo are opting for the 3-D tattoo. There are a couple of reasons for this decision. The tattoo avoids the additional surgical procedure as well as the risk of the nipple showing through her clothing, since it remains erect.  Many women, following a mastectomy, are not in need of a bra and find this so freeing. A nipple that protrudes can dash this opportunity. The beauty of the tattooing is she can still have a nipple graft at a later date if she wishes. The tattoo will not prevent any future change of heart.

When a Nipple Graft is Not an Option

Often, when a mastectomy is accompanied by radiation or even complications from surgery, a nipple graft is not an option. However, being able to offer the realistic effects of the 3-D areola/nipple tattoo is a truly wonderful solution and with little to no compromise.

Even the texture of a natural areola/nipple complex can be achieved. It is such an amazingly natural effect and brings symmetry and realism to reconstructed breasts.

Here at the Beau Institute we offer 3-D areola tattooing free of charge for those who choose this option.  The joy and appreciation they express when this procedure is complete is so very rewarding to us.  Their courage inspires us to reach out and share this experience with anyone in need of this procedure.

For more information regarding 3 D Areola Tattooing and The Beau Institute, Visit Our Areola Nipple Tattooing page on our website by clicking here.

3-D Areola Tattooing…Re-acquainting Femininity with Art
June 12, 2022