Sunday, June 12, 2022

Are Your Eyebrows Overgrown? Don't Over Tweeze

If you are getting frustrated with overgrown eyebrows, here is a way you can safely remove, just those overgrown brow hairs and not lose the shape of your new and beautiful eyebrows.

Draw a line around your eyebrows with a dark, sharp eyebrow pencil. Do not include the areas that have grown in that you will be tweezing out, but the eyebrow shape you wish to preserve. This line will prevent you from over-tweezing in any and all directions.

Check them in the mirror to be sure your penciled shapes are even.

Now, any brow hairs outside of those lines can be tweezed. You will have retained the shape you love and wish to keep, and your brows should now look groomed and perfect.

The ideal time to tweeze your eyebrows is following a hot, steamy shower. ♨️🚿

This softens the skin and you will find the brows slip out more easily when using your tweezer.

The great thing about your permanent or microbladed eyebrows, is that they will always be there and will look their best when they are maintained 😄

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Are Your Eyebrows Overgrown? Don't Over Tweeze
June 12, 2022