Sunday, June 12, 2022

Education and Training – the Keys to Success

I believe most educated practitioners would agree that attending a great fundamental training program is essential to your success in the permanent makeup industry. I cannot stress the importance of an in-depth basic training for permanent makeup, where you learn the dangers of cross-contamination; the length of time that Hepatitis B can live without a host; the protocol for a needle stick injury; the proper way to break down, clean and set up your room, which is critical for your safety as well as your client’s; and more. These are just a few of the many topics that should be covered in your courses.

With the increased popularity of microblading and focus on brows, countless potential practitioners call to ask if they can just learn microblading or just brows. Sadly, many believe their prayers are answered when they find a two-day class. The nonprofit organizations in our profession have worked hard to educate the public; however, there are still an extraordinary number of two-day classes throughout the country and even across the globe.

This is simply not enough training. There are so many areas that need to be studied and understood prior to Microblading or tattooing an eyebrow. In a reputable fundamental training program, hours are spent on the anatomy of skin, how to determine and identify both the skin tone and undertone as well as color selection for that particular complexion. These courses also teach the importance of understanding color theory, including a client’s ethnicity and the part it plays in the healed result and color correction. There are thousands of clients who have received permanent brows that have been less than desirable, and you will want to know how to correct them. You don’t want to miss out on the grateful smiles when you bring this person out of hiding or living in a self-conscious state.

I can tell you we are so fortunate that every single month, we have the opportunity to teach several people that took two-day classes and realize they need more, becoming greatly concerned about what they don’t know.

Even in our Advanced Classes, we constantly hear, “I wish I had come here first!” Our capable instructors make sure to go into great detail about every topic we are teaching.

Our trainees feel our passion, knowledge and experience in whatever class they have signed up for with Beau Institute. We make sure to arm our students with the information they need to go out and thrive in the permanent makeup industry, helping propel them to the success they’ve worked so hard for. We also have an open-door policy at Beau Institute to ensure that our students have access to the resources and knowledge they need even after they’ve graduated from our program.

– Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella, CMI, CPCP

Education and Training – the Keys to Success
June 12, 2022