Sunday, June 12, 2022

Fall into Brow Fashion

Fall is here, and gone are the laid back days of summer. It’s no wonder why fall is the favorite season for so many, with the crisp air and the spectacular colors that it brings. However, Howeverfall is also one of the busiest times of the year. For some, it’s back to school and for most, hectic routines begin once again.  One great way to simplify your life and save time in your daily routine is with permanent makeup.

Permanent eyebrows can be a huge time saver during your morning rush. This is our most requested procedure, as brows are the power feature of the face.

Imagine waking up every morning with beautifully defined brows, framing your face and defining your eyes. Even on makeup-free days, beautifully full brows can give your face a more sculpted, put-together look.

Today’s permanent makeup is soft and natural. One of the latest techniques in permanent makeup are 3D Brows, or HD Brows. With this technique, individual hairs are tattooed amidst your natural hairs to create a beautiful and natural effect. This technique appears realistic even in the absence of eyebrow hairs. It is truly magnificent.

Fuller eyebrows have been revived, and this I am glad to see.  The classic beauties of all time have never had a thin, contrived eyebrow. From Audrey to Beyonce, fuller brows never go out of style and are always considered in vogue.

Fuller brows add softness to the face and give a more youthful appearance. This is especially appreciated and dramatic in mature women. Fuller brows add instant glamour and take years away from the face.

Permanent Makeup Artists…if you want to learn more about 3D brows visit Beau Institute at The Philadelphia International Congress of Esthetics and Sps [Click here to go to website]( on Monday, October 26 at 2:00 at the Image Conference for my presentation “ Investing in Illusion: 3D Brow-Wow.” You can also come visit us at our booth #230.  We will be there 10/25 and 10/26.

Fall into Brow Fashion
June 12, 2022