Sunday, June 12, 2022

Giving Hope to Breast Cancer Survivors

I realized after years of performing areola tattooing that many breast cancer survivors were simply not able to go that last mile to have their areola tattooed. Countless women would share with me that their mastectomy and reconstructive surgery had been several years prior and they just couldn’t do one more thing, emotionally or physically. Another obstacle some encountered was their reconstructive surgeon had moved out of state or retired. These survivors would have to pay, out of pocket, for the tattooing and this simply became another deterrent.

So, I decided to create a volunteer program, called The Beau Day of Hope where I contacted other practitioners that specialize in areola tattooing to join me at my location and provide this service for some of these women. Our first year was a huge success and we were able to give several women the 3-D areola tattooing, at no charge. There were hugs and tears of joy that continued throughout the day. There was such a magnificent synergy; we decided to announce it to out of state practitioners, so they can hold a Day of Hope in their own facilities, across the country. Their participation meant, as a profession, we could accompany many more women to the end of their arduous journey and provide the confidence, familiarity and femininity that they so deserve.

Hope is defined as the expectation of fulfillment and that was what I wished to achieve during this day. To help women feel that fulfillment & completion when they have the areola tattooed. I wanted to put an end to the heart wrenching experiences that my client survivors share with me regarding their aesthetic issues. Many tell me they hadn’t looked at themselves in a mirror for several years or they wouldn’t allow their husbands to see their breasts since their reconstruction. I have found that some survivors even feel a little guilty worrying about how they look or don’t look and they should just be happy being alive and well. They tell me that when they faced their mortality, their emotions riddled their minds and this was the last thing on their list in surviving.

It’s so difficult to hear because I know the simplicity of the tattooing and how much it will do for her, on so many levels. I know that her reconstructive surgery will suddenly take on a new life and appear realistic. Although, her breasts may not be the same as they were before her cancer and mastectomy, they will appear convincingly feminine and beautiful. I know that this is often the final step in this most difficult journey. I am always so grateful to be able to share in this and so happy she found her way to us.

Our Beau Day of Hope is October 28th. Join us and help us spread the word!

Giving Hope to Breast Cancer Survivors
June 12, 2022