Sunday, June 12, 2022

Gray Eyebrows, Don’t Yank Them Out, The Men Have the Answer!

Performing permanent eyebrow procedures for more than 25 years, I can’t believe that I still hear countless women telling me they YANK their gray eyebrows out! I cringe every time I hear this.

When tattooing eyebrows, we desperately need every hair that is within the design of the eyebrow and this includes the GRAYS! Ridding yourself of them is quite simple.

Just for Men Beard and Mustache Tint is the easiest and safest way to color those pesky grays. Your gray brows will be gone in just 10 minutes! Select a shade that is lighter than your brow color since this product has no lifting power but simply stains the hairs.

Each kit consists of 2 tubes: one is the tint and the other is the developer. You can discard the remaining items in the kit. Using the cap of a water bottle or a something slightly larger than thimble size, is perfect.

Squeeze out a pea size amount from each tube into the small cap you chose and stir with a toothpick or better yet, break a cotton swab and stir with the stick part. Now, using that same stick, dip into the mixture and pat it onto your brows, being sure you get to the roots of them.

Leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe off with a tissue and then, using soap and water on a terry cloth, clean off the residual.

Walla! No more gray! I personally repeat this process every 2 weeks.

What I like about this product is how little time it takes and its viscosity. It is not runny at all, but instead, a thick formula that stays in place and reduces any chance of it getting into your eyes.

Disclaimer…if you are allergic to hair dyes or any of the ingredients in them, this procedure is not for you! If you manage to get this product into your eyes, I can’t imagine how you even did that.

If allergies prevent you from this process, a colored mascara can be applied to your brows or you can wet an eye-shadow and paint it on with a brush. Although, temporary, it’s better than winning the Andy Rooney look-alike contest! Be sure to trim up your brows, especially if those gray hairs are very long. Stop into a salon and have them groomed. It will be so much easier to color them and care for them.

Gray Eyebrows, Don’t Yank Them Out, The Men Have the Answer!
June 12, 2022