Sunday, June 12, 2022

New Infection Control Policies


Please complete all forms before you arrive for your service.

This will help us to eliminate delaying your scheduled appointments. Our forms have recently changed so please review them carefully. They are available on our website. We can either email them to you or mail the hard copies.

No waiting room – We must ask you to wait in your car in the parking lot.

You will need to call 856-727-1411 to check in. Our office will call or text you when it’s time to come in for your appointment.

No handbags, food or beverages will be allowed in the Institute.

You can bring your phone & a credit card that we will have you drop onto a baggie as you enter. You can use your phone while in the bag, if necessary.

A touchless temperature will be taken upon entry.

You must wear a mask or protective covering when entering our facility.

Clean masks may be available for purchase. Our staff will be required to wear a mask as well.

Please keep a 6’ distance from others and follow directional guides for traveling within our facility.

All tattooing will take place in private rooms away from nearby guests.

We ask that you pay by phone before arriving.

Beau Institute has disinfecting protocols with schedules for exam rooms and entire facility.

Virtual communications and consultations are highly encouraged to reduce in-person contact.

Each morning staff and Practitioners temperatures will also be checked, prior to starting work.

This is a must. We will also ask if they have a cough or sore throat before they see you, to insure they are fit for work. We will do everything possible to ensure your safety with new policies in place for all employees.

Our goal is to continue to provide your beautiful procedures in the safest way possible. We ask for your understanding and patience during this time.

New Infection Control Policies
June 12, 2022