Sunday, June 12, 2022

We are ALL in this together – Breast Cancer does not discriminate

We must continue to be brave, courage and support all women who are faced with breast cancer.

As an instructor that specializes in teaching 3-dimensional areola tattooing following a mastectomy, I have had the privilege of working with many brave women that have been faced with the same difficult choice made recently by Angelina Jolie. I commend her for sharing her plight with the world. I believe her bravery and generosity will reach far and wide in giving many woman the courage to choose the same.

So often, women are not given the opportunity to choose a prophylactic mastectomy. The presence of a cancer made this choice for them. Although, it may be understood that this is a life-saving surgery, this knowledge does not make it any less traumatic for a woman to be faced with losing her breasts. Electing this surgery is yet, another story.

Angelina’s sharing this can impact women in several ways. First, it reminds us that cancer does not discriminate. Money and fame do not make you any less exempt. Also, young women facing cancer can relate to Jolie. She is a busy mom, a career woman and wife and admittedly a magnificent representation of feminine beauty, even if you are not a fan. Yet, she appears to feel no less feminine as she recently strutted the red carpet.

The rich and famous celebrities have proven to be as vulnerable as ever other woman have provided us with great role models who have chosen various modalities of breast cancer treatment. Christina Applegate barely missed a beat, rising like a phoenix following a bilateral mastectomy. We also have Suzanne Sommers who inspired many by taking the naturopathic route and appears to be in robust health. We thank them all for sharing.

In reality, we, as women are all in this together. Breast cancer appears to be at epidemic proportions. Having the privilege of teaching in cancer institutes such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Stephanie Spielman Cancer Center, countless more and in my own practice, I have met many breast cancer survivors that have become my heroes and role models. I am in awe at the bravery and healthy attitudes of these women. There is much to be said about the camaraderie and the support that these women extend to one another and I am grateful to be invited to join hands with them and womankind until we find the cure.

We are ALL in this together – Breast Cancer does not discriminate
June 12, 2022