Bishop PMU Pen

Bishop PMU Pen

This is the smallest and lightest PMU machine in the market. The Bishop Permanent Makeup (PMU) machine combines power with minimal vibration in a compact and ergonomic casing. The RCA machine, which is the smallest and lightest in the market, was created by expert builders with 20+ years of experience.

Microblading Before & After Photos

As leaders in the permanent makeup industry, we take pride in our work. Check out our amazing results in these before and after photos.

Microblading - Before and After Photo 1
Microblading - Before and After Photo 2
Microblading - Before and After Photo 3
Microblading - Before and After Photo 4
Microblading - Before and After Photo 5
Microblading - Before and After Photo 6
Microblading - Before and After Photo 7
Microblading For Men
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About Our Class
Microblading training from leaders in the permanent makeup industry.

Models are provided for you. There is a 2-to-1 instructor to trainee ratio with certified experienced instructors.

In addition to learning this new technique, you will learn how to identify skin types to determine the best candidates for Microblading as well as those who are not candidates. You will also learn the various needle groups and how to select the best one for any skin type.

You have our support! We believe in an open door policy. Our Beau alumni can observe classes in the future, free of charge.

You will receive a Starter Kit as well as a Beau Microblading Certificate upon completion of the course.

A light breakfast and lunch is included.

Microblade & Shade Kit
The cost of this class is only $2,500.00.  It is held in our Cherry Hill, NJ location, conveniently located 25 minutes from the Philadelphia Airport.
The Class Curriculum Includes:
September 2020 Microblading Class
  • Proven Microblade techniques
  • Brow design for each facial shape
  • Color theory and color selection
  • Shading with microblade & machine
  • Color correction
  • The Fitzpatrick skin scale and skin types
  • How to identify skin problems that prevent good results from Microblading
  • The most effective Intake forms and after-care methods, which vary depending on skin type
  • Prerequisite: You must have previously completed a primary training course.
Brow - Before & AfterBrow - Before & After
Lip Blush Training
American Academy of Micropigmentation
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Check Out Some Of Our Student Work

Our students leave our permanent makeup training programs ready to start their careers in Permanent Makeup! We support you every step of the way, and even ensure you skills remain fresh and up to date with our alumni programs.

Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 1
Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 2
Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 3
Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 4
Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 5
Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 6
Permanent Makeup Training - Before & After Photo 7
Areola Bilateral - Before & AfterAreola Bilateral - Before & AfterAreola Bilateral - Before & After
Areola Procedure
Areola ProcedureScar Before & After

“The Beau Institute exudes class, professionalism and empowers their clients to love themselves again. I cannot say enough how inspiring the instructors were. If I can manage to bottle just a small percentage of their knowledge, passion and inspiration they give to their clients and trainees, I know I will be a blessing to my future clients. Maria and Cindy YOU ROCK and I feel blessed. Thank you!”

Rachel Vinson, RN, February 2020

“I am a former student and think this is the best all-around training that is why I came back for Advanced Areola/Camouflage Scar Training. The educators are the best in the business. I recommend Beau Institute to everyone.”

Paula Hines, February 2020

“The class was very interactive.  Cindy and Maria were excellent! I would highly recommend.  I definitely feel that I have gained so much knowledge on areola, scar camouflage.”  

Evelyn S., September 2020

“This class was the perfect balance of theory and hands on training.  I feel extremely prepared for applying these techniques on my own patients."

Erin G., Physician’s Assistant, February 2020

“This school is the best of the best. I never expected to learn so much! The trainers, staff and owner are the nicest people and they make you feel empowered to take on a new career path. Highly recommend Beau!”

 Christine M., August 2019
Ombré Powder Brow Training at Beau Institute
Ombré Powder Brow Treatment

To register for this class, please fill out the form here. A deposit of 50% is also required upon registration.

Please contact us at or 888.763.2328 (local: 856-727-1411) to complete this part of registration after you’ve submitted the form.

The tuition balance is due 2 weeks prior to the class start date.

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Call today to learn more and register for training 856-727-1411
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Areola Tattooing
Before & After Photos

Areola Tattooing - Before & After
Areola Bilateral Tattoo - Before & After
Areola Tattoo - Scar Camouflage
Unilateral Before & After

Request More Procedure Before & After Photos

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Microneedling - Procell Before & AfterMicroneedling for Men

Permanent Makeup Treatments We Provide:

Permanent Eyebrows

Make a statement with a strong, beautiful brow.

There are many causes of brow hair loss: age, stress and overplucking, to name a few. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perfectly-shaped eyebrows you have always wanted. Whether you suffer from brow hair loss or you are just looking to enhance the look and shape of your brows, permanent makeup is a fantastic solution.

At the Beau Institute, our practitioners create soft, subtle eyebrows using advanced techniques in hair simulation and shading. Rose Marie Beauchemin Verzella, known as the ‘Queen of Brows,’ uses and trains our practitioners and students in her exclusive CPR (Control Point Remedy) method, which lifts and defines brows while still maintaining a natural-looking appearance. Our detailed application lends movement, depth and dimension to our client’s brows.

With permanent eyebrows, you will never again wake up in the morning and struggle to match up your arches or worry about reapplying throughout the day. You will have beautiful brows 24/7!

View Our Work
Permanent Eyebrows
Permanent Lip Color & Lip Reshaping

Permanent Lip Color
& Lip Reshaping

Defining lips by adding even the slightest amount of color can wake up any face. In most women, lips will tend to appear smaller with age. With permanent lip color, lips can be made to appear slightly or dramatically fuller and these results are extremely feminine and youthful.

View Our Work

Permanent Eyeliner

Imagine smudge-free eyeliner, 24/7

Permanent eyeliner stays where regular over-the-counter makeup can’t even go: between the lashes. The Beau Institute is world-renowned for its beautiful and transformative permanent makeup procedures, including permanent eyeliner.

Whether you are looking for a more dramatic eyeliner or a lash enhancement, our practitioners will work with you to design a permanent eyeliner look that matches your taste and flatters your eye shape. Our state-of-the-art lash enhancement technique places pigment precisely between the lashes to lift and lengthen, while creating a natural frame for your eyes. We use topical anesthetic to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the entirety of the application.

These procedures are a favorite among clients who suffer from allergies and those with contact lens sensitivities, along with anyone who feels like they are constantly on the go. Hit the gym, swim a few laps or take a long shower, and you still come out with liner as fierce as you are.

View Our Work
Permanent Eyeliner

Scalp Micropigmentation: Before & After Photos

Regain your confidence with micropigmentation treatments. This is an excellent solution for men and women who may feel insecure about hair loss or thinning.

Scalp Micropigmentation - Before and After - Photo 1
Scalp Micropigmentation - Before and After - Photo 2
Scalp Micropigmentation - Before and After - Photo 3
Scalp Micropigmentation - Before and After - Photo 4

Scalp Micropigmentation: Before & After Photos

Help restore your client's confidence with scalp micropigmentation treatments! This is an excellent solution for men and women who may feel insecure about hair loss or thinning.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training - Before & After Photo 1
Scalp Micropigmentation Training - Before & After Photo 2
Scalp Micropigmentation Training - Before & After Photo 3
Scalp Micropigmentation Training - Before & After Photo 4

Our Permanent Makeup Training Breakdown

Our permanent makeup training is broken down into 4 Parts:

Part One

Manuals & Blood Borne Pathogen

Prior to your primary training course, you will complete a blood borne pathogen online training course. Beau’s recommended course is: Safety is the top priority, and this course will enlighten you to the risks of cross-contamination.

You will receive your manuals once you have paid in full. The manuals are intended for self-study and explain all the basic concepts of micropigmentation as well as makeup design and color theory.

Part Two

Primary Training is procedure-focused.

In the Primary Training, you will learn all the essential cosmetic micropigmentation techniques to apply beautiful hair strokes, soft, shaded eyebrows, eyelash enhancement and eyeliner, as well as the ombré technique for lip procedures. It will consist of 6 consecutive days and will include homework and an open-book test.  A light breakfast and lunch are provided for this part of the permanent makeup training course.

Part Three

An Observation Day (to be scheduled) with a practitioner to shadow during professional appointments. Review A-Z! From consultations, client intake forms, color theory to needle selection, aftercare, etc. to prepare you to work on your own clients with confidence.

Tuition Prices and Packages

Beau Training Benefits:
  • 2 to 1 student trainer ratio
  • Training offered both online and in-house
  • All trainers are Certified Micropigmentation Instructors (CMI)
  • Procedures on live models which we provide
  • Textbook with DVD, course manuals, detailed reference materials
  • Ongoing trainer support
  • Ongoing observation access (open door policy)
  • Discount on machines and supplies
  • Apprenticeship Programs for NJ practitioners are available to all

We believe education and training are essential to your success. Continuing education and advanced technique classes are scheduled regularly at The Beau Institute to help you expand your permanent makeup training knowledge and introduce additional services to your practice.

Advanced Permanent Makeup Training Classes:

Beau Training Benefits:
  • Microblade and Shade
  • 3D Areola/Scar Camouflage
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Refresher Class
  • Customized Class

Selecting the right certified permanent makeup training instructor is critical. To learn more about what to look for when selecting an instructor please review our FAQ’s.

*There are no pre-requisites for this permanent makeup training in most states, but it will be your responsibility to check your county and state regulations
“The instructors are all so obviously interested in our success and understandings and have invested a tremendous amount of energy and time in assuring we are prepared.”
– Marguerite H.

Start earning your way, NOW, to financial freedom!


Annual Revenue = Fee x 50 weeks
PMU Training & Earning Chart

I came from Indiana to take the PMU Primary with Beau Institute and I have no regrets.  I learned so much in this course and I feel like I am ready to start a business in permanent makeup.  All the trainers and instructors are patient and excellent at answering questions.

Juliet W. (Indiana)

Best instructors are all so friendly and knowledgeable.  They took careful time for each of us to get the most of our experience.

Jack D. (NJ)

This class overall was fantastic!  The instructors were all very welcoming and made me feel comfortable and confident while working on clients.  I can’t wait to come back for future advanced classes!

Jaelyn H. (PA)

“I’m so glad I found Beau Institute and didn’t fall into the trap of just learning microblading.  There is so much more to permanent makeup than just microblading & I feel prepared to expand into this profession with the knowledge Beau Institute provided”

Michele B. (NJ)

“The instructors were so thorough, patient and highly skilled.  I learned so much and gained so much confidence thank to their teaching style”!

Allison P.

“Just wanted to let you know how great the virtual training was.  The virtual training provided time to take notes and ask questions and then, students have time to review their notes and put together questions that they can ask when they are on site the following week. Maria, Joan & Cindy are amazing and patient instructors – they did a fantastic job). This virtual training came at the perfect time.

 Michelle A.

“Very thorough course. Instructors are very experienced in this field and yo get to train one on one with each of their techniques.  They send you home with your machine, products, consent forms and even your own marketing material!  Once certified, you ready to own your business!”

Liz S.

“Coming to the Beau Institute was one of the best decisions I’ve made. This Institute is so warm and welcoming, and they are diligent in making sure you retain the proper knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to grow and excel in this industry.”

Brianna M. (NJ)

“Amazing learning atmosphere with loving and caring instructors that go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and understand what they are teaching. Feels like I made a family while I was there.”

 Natachia C. (NJ)

“This course far surpassed all of my expectations! I feel like I have all the tools and information I need to continue learning and perfect all of the techniques I have learned.”

Michelle O. (NJ)

“I did a great deal of research before deciding on training at Beau Institute, and it exceeded my expectations. The instructors are extremely helpful and caring. I felt like I got my money’s worth before the course was even half over!”

Alayna R. (PA)

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