Sunday, June 12, 2022

NaturaLook Conference in Disneyland

WOW! It was truly inspirational! After spending five days with fellow practitioners and trainers, I came away so inspired. As an instructor and practitioner, I always say,”when you teach you learn!”

It was a honor to be among so many great speakers and amazing women. A beautiful tapestry of work and friendship was continuously woven through our 84 attendees over the two days. As I watched new friendships being born and listened to their exchange of commonalities, approaches and ultimately questions to each other regarding procedures. The absence of a personal agenda and focus on sharing ones’ experience and knowledge helped to create the magical atmosphere. Given this, the focus remained on education and that was our goal. I was in awe. I am deeply appreciative of the graciousness of all of our attendees and the way in which my presentations were received. I also am thankful for the insightful comments.

A very special thank you and gratitude to Jeanne Lusby and her staff for putting together a wonderful conference that allowed us to create a community of sharing and learning which helps us all to grow and make positive advances in the field of permanent cosmetics. I am looking forward to the next one; until then stay beautiful, grow and continue to be inspired!

NaturaLook Conference in Disneyland
June 12, 2022