Sunday, June 12, 2022

Spring into Action with BEAU BEAUTY PLAN!

The trend for eyebrows this year are full and paramount. These fuller and more lush eyebrows give women a beautiful look and are reminiscent of the sexy, glamorous looks of the forties!!! They frame the eyes with color, show expression, and bring every other facial feature into balance, when shaped properly.

Here, at Beau, we specialize in custom design just for your face utilizing hair simulation in permanent eyebrows. It is the most fabulous and realistic effect and we can restore the gorgeous brows you may have once had or wish to have, now. So, you can eliminate an eyebrow pencil from your Spring makeup shopping list.

For Permanent Lip Color, you may want to request the Gloss and Go effect. This consists of a lip liner that is shaded into the lip interior utilizing the natural lip color for a natural, earthier effect. Gloss and Go can be done in any range of colors from very soft and neutral shades to a more dramatic choice of color.

Very often, our lips need to be reshaped or the color brought back out to the vermillion border to where it once was. When this is done, the effect is amazing!!! A millimeter on a lip appears to be more like a mile in the dramatic way it improves the fullness as well as denoting youth. I am a big fan of lip shaping and color because I have watched for the past 23 years how it makes women feel, including myself. The effect of permanent lip color is sexy and youthful and confidence building to have definition and color every waking moment.

Tinted lip glosses with a slight shimmer really add the appearance of fullness to lips. Also, any color you choose can be placed over your permanent lip color and you will also find that both lipsticks and glosses will wear longer once your lips are tattooed. I like to have a wardrobe of lip glosses ranging from very light and nude to deeper and hotter pinks and reds.

You can also choose a peachy nude, a more vibrant apricot and a deeper coppery shade for a warm colored wardrobe of lip shades. Have fun shopping for them but do not forget to make your appointment for your Gloss and Go lip procedure.

How about the myriad of colors in eye shadows and eyeliner pencils they are showing? What’s a girl to do? Simply select a neutral shade for your permanent eyeliner and add any of the shadows and colored pencils for extra drama.

Permanent double color is also an option as well as a smudge effect on the bottom liner. Plan your summer with smear-proof eyeliner that frames your eyes and keeps them dancing with color 24/7. Go ahead and shop for all of those great shadows and colored pencils but first, make your appointment for your permanent eyeliner, today!

Spring into Action with BEAU BEAUTY PLAN!
June 12, 2022